Fresh: Artisanal Wilmette

Artisanal Wilmette, a new grocery store featuring locally-sourced, sustainably produced, organic and specialty products, opened its Linden Ave. doors on Friday, September 7th. Groceries

This beautiful, family-owned shop focuses on supporting small, independent and artisanal vendors and offers an array of items like pastas, soups, eggs, greek yogurt, cheese, olives, salsas, eco-friendly cleaners and healthy snacks. They also offer fresh produce, a meat/deli counter, a bakery (with many gluten-free options) and the “Happy Room”, which features local, micro-brewed craft beers, biodynamic, organic and traditional wines and spirits from small-batch distilleries a few miles away.

Co-owner Marsha Pesavento, a classically trained pastry chef, claims that the focus of food should be on both its taste and its nutritional benefits. The original idea for Artisanal Wilmette was to create a neighborhood grocer that offers the best products from specialty stores and farmers markets, dependent on, of course, the seasonality and availability of the products. The artisans featured in the store are wholly integrated in the creation of their product; from sourcing raw materials to producing and packaging the product, these are skilled craftspeople that have gone through extensive training.

Artisanal Wilmette aims to create a fun shopping environment with a focus on bringing the community together and impacting it in a positive and healthy way. Feel good about what you are buying and eating—check out Artisanal Wilmette Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

Artisanal Wilmette
414 Linden Ave., Wilmette

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