Design Tips for Romance Ready Bedrooms

A beautiful bedroom can create an aura of romance and closeness every day for a husband and wife, says Summer Thornton, of Summer Thornton Design.

Make it yours
“I generally advise husbands to allow their wives to have a bit more influence in the bedroom,” Thornton explains. “It’s to their benefit since the bedroom is a room that is really all about closeness and intimacy which, generally speaking, wives thrive on—time together to talk, to share, to relax, and to love.”

Cindy Galvin, of Bardes Interiors in Winnetka, strives to create a quiet space where her clients, especially women, can relax and rejuvenate.

“Having a moment to yourself is important for romance,” Galvin explains.

Depending on the couple, this might mean incorporating extra closet space, adding a second master bath for privacy and forgoing modern day technology distractions such as TVs, laptops and iPads.

“Everywhere a woman looks in the house, she sees a million things she has to do,” Galvin explains. “Usually the bedrooms are a more feminine part of the house, and I think it’s important for a woman to have a sanctuary.”

Make it sumptuous
Frank Ponterio, of Frank Ponterio Interior Design in Lake Forest, says his goal is to create a haven for his clients, starting with the bed.

“The design of the bedroom is about layering,” says Ponterio, who starts with a high-quality mattress from Hastens or Vi-Spring from Chicago Luxury Beds. Next come top-of-the-line, high-thread count linens and a final layer of shams, pillows and an elegant coverlet.

Cindy Galvin stocks a variety of luxury sheets in her Winnetka boutique MAZE Home that she often recommends to her clients.

“My customers say, “You won’t believe it, but my husband loves the sheets,” so it’s not just women, it’s the men too.”

Make it hot
“If this was the only room in the house, what would you need to survive for 48 hours without leaving the suite?” Frank Ponterio asks his clients.

“Elements that are a must: an iPod docking station, fireplace and a wet bar stocked with Vosges chocolates and splits of their favorite champagne.”

Galvin agrees that incorporating a fireplace is one of the best ways to create a romance-ready bedroom.

“The most important thing is to have a fireplace in the bedroom,” Galvin explains. “If that’s not possible, candlelight hides a multitude of sins.”
But if fire in the bedroom makes you feel hot and bothered in the wrong kind of way, Summer Thornton says there are alternatives.

“There’s nothing more romantic than turning the lights down low on a beautiful chandelier.”

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