Ready to Create Your Dream House? Here’s How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Ready to Create Your Dream House? Here’s How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

We are seeing a large number of clients who wish to use smart tax planning while considering their next home. Empty nesters downsizing and move-up buyers with young families have similar interests. They desire to build a custom home that suits their needs and minimizes maintenance and upkeep while reducing tax exposure.

Empty nesters are shedding their 6,000-square-foot homes and seeking a 3,200-square-foot home with little compromise. They seek a very nice level of finish and amenities that reflect their interests such as gardens, art studios, and exercise space. These spaces need to be flexible because they hope to one day turn over this home to their children as part of their estate tax planning. Empty nesters are smart decision makers when it comes to resale value. They value a design build firm like ours that understands trends in custom homes and has a solid reputation so they can maximize their investment in their home. In addition, they seek a firm that can handle all aspects of the process so they can enjoy their time pursuing their interests, travel, and family. They seek capable firms with a stress-free, thorough process like ours.

A. Perry Homes: Dream House (family room)
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New families moving into a custom home seek better schools for their children, more yard space, and recreational opportunities. They either are looking for a solid well-built custom home that meets their needs or to remodel a home. Open floor plans, big kitchens, and flexible usable space are all on every new family’s wish list. They seldom find exactly what they need in the current market since most existing homes do not have these features.

Sometimes their best option is to remodel. They find the right block in the right neighborhood in the right school district but no home meets their needs. They seek a firm that truly understands the complexities of remodeling and how to dramatically transform a home while adhering to a budget. Some clients find some real appreciation when adding the value of a well executed remodeling project. It is important to work with a firm that has vast experience in this specialty area since so much is at stake. Achieving high resale value, livability of finished product, and avoiding “money pit” concerns while respecting budgets for time and money are not easy tasks. This is best left for firms like ours that have performed this work for many years at a very high level.

Dream House: A. Perry Homes (kitchen)
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Designing and building a dream home for a young family requires a design build team that is capable and can extract value at every turn. Young families are concerned about real estate taxes and resale value. They want the “best bang” for their dollar while keeping their real estate taxes low. They see the value in communities that offer them great public schools and parks and offset the real estate taxes against tuition. Best value for their family wins every time.

A. Perry Homes: Dream House (bathroom)
Before and After

If you are considering designing, building, or remodeling, our team stands ready to help you navigate the process.

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