10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Not everyone is a fan of a Chicago snowstorm.

Sure—blizzards are fun for a day or two—fluffy white snow, kids are sledding, everything is pretty. But it doesn’t take long before the novelty wears off, the snow turns gray, and everyone is back to grumbling.

Not you. We’ve got 10 great ways to keep the winter blues at bay:

Road Trip! You don’t have to head south for a change in scenery. Try one of these museums off the beaten path.

Schedule some “we” time. It’s really easy to bag the dinner-and-a-movie date when the weather is less than agreeable. Make it a special date and you’re more inclined to make the effort to head outdoors.

Eat a little healthier. Don’t wait until May to get ready for swimsuit season—make these winter months the time to focus on eating healthier. We’re not doctors, but our guess is the extra vitamins you’ll get from a few more veggies in the diet is bound to improve your mood.

Get outdoors. Why are you letting Old Man Winter win the war? It may be cold outside, but you can still run. And without the cold air, there’s no snow—and who wants to go all winter without skiing at least once?

Embrace your nesting instinct.
If you really do have to stay indoors, then make it meaningful and use the time wisely. Who wants to reorganize closets when it’s 75 degrees and sunny?

Fantasize for a few minutes. It’s OK to think spring—pull out the seed catalogs and start mapping out this summer’s vegetable garden.

Look pretty, feel pretty. Be good to yourself—try a no-chip manicure and make it fun with a vibrant, “Take THAT, Winter!” color.

Do good for others and reap the benefit. Make a promise to a local nonprofit to volunteer a few hours or to help with a project.

Get out of Dodge. Sometimes, even the heartiest of winter fans needs a break—there’s still time to plan that Spring Break Trip.

Don’t just sit. There’s something to do on the North Shore and beyond, every day. Make it a date and stay motivated!

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