Susan B. Noyes on CNBC: Invest in Companies With Social Impact Too

Susan B. Noyes on CNBC

Susan B. Noyes, Founder of Make It Better Media, was a guest on CNBC’s “Closing Bell” on July 29. During the Retail Investor Roundtable, Noyes told co-hosts Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth that she is putting her money into companies that have a positive impact on their communities and the world — a concept that is central to Make It Better’s mission.

“As a retail investor, I like investing in stocks I really understand, they feel like gold chips, and more than ever, I do look for social impact,” Noyes said on air. “And that is why Tesla is intriguing to me.”

Another stock that Noyes recommends is Facebook. She applauds the work that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, do to create social impact. In 2015, the couple announced that they would give 99 percent of their Facebook shares, valued at $45 billion, to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, an organization dedicated to “advancing human potential and promoting equality.”

“But really, I watch what happens — the dynamics around elections, around fundraising, the opportunity to connect and share a great idea and generate support, and I see Facebook being part of that,” Noyes said.

Alphabet (Google) is another one of Noyes’ stock picks. She said Alphabet has not yet done as much to promote social impact as some other companies, but she is confident the internet giant is headed in that direction. Noyes also recommended Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Indianapolis, where she grew up.

“They looked at creating the greatest social impact in my city, for their employees and around the world,” Noyes said. “That’s my model. Lilly is the gold standard for doing good and doing well.”

Noyes recommends the following stocks for social impact investing:

In addition to the above stocks, Noyes purchased her first social impact fund from Morgan Stanley. She is also considering buying into one offered by Mesirow Financial.

Because Noyes is passionate about impact investing and creating virtuous circles that encourage people and organizations with similar interests to work together, she is grateful for the opportunity to promote that message in her fourth appearance on “Closing Bell.”

“I’m a huge fan of Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth and grateful for the opportunity to speak with them on Closing Bell. Their fast-paced show helps all investors quickly understand important investment trends — which makes investing more accessible for all. Aligning our money and our values may very well be the fastest way forward to a better world.”

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