Are You the Next Mind Trust Fellow?

Do you have a transformational idea that will dramatically improve public education?

Do you possess the entrepreneurial skill-set necessary to turn this idea into a reality? The Mind Trust, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit supporting education innovation and reform, wants you to join our growing ranks of talented entrepreneurs who are launching the next generation of break-the-mold education reform ventures.

The Mind Trust is currently accepting applications for its Education Entrepreneur Fellowship, a nationally unique incubator for transformative education ventures that attracts top entrepreneurial talent to Indianapolis to confront public education’s most vexing problems. During the two-year Fellowship, Fellows receive a full-time salary ($90,000/year), full benefits, a $20,000 start-up stipend and the professional support necessary to turn a promising idea into a successful education venture with large-scale, transformational benefits for underserved children.

Since launching the Education Entrepreneur Fellowship in 2007, The Mind Trust has captured the attention of talented innovators from around the world. To date, over 1,000 applicants from 48 states and 28 countries have applied for the Fellowship. From this pool of applicants, six talented Fellows have been selected. In 2011, The Mind Trust expects to award up to two Fellowships through its rolling application process.

What impact have The Mind Trust’s Fellows made? Read the Boston Globe’s report of how Teach Plus, the initiative founded by The Mind Trust Fellow Celine Coggins, is training urban teachers to be leaders in reform and helping them develop and implement bold changes in teacher policy. Read about Fellow Abby Falik’s initiative, Global Citizen Year, highlighted by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof in his call for more young Americans to “Teach for the World.”

Each of our Fellows is making a positive impact, but unmet needs for underserved students remain. How else can public education be improved? How will your initiative differentiate itself, and how will it build upon the successes of existing education initiatives in Indianapolis?  Share your idea with us – apply for The Mind Trust’s Education Entrepreneur Fellowship today!

About The Mind Trust
The Mind Trust is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to dramatically improve public education for underserved children by empowering education entrepreneurs to develop or expand transformative education initiatives.  We find the most promising and successful education reform initiatives in America, and support their launch or replication in Indianapolis. For more information about The Mind Trust, please visit

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