Best Online Holiday Card Retailers

Creative and Charitable Twists for Your Cards


The options for customizable holiday greetings are virtually limitless, so we’ve compiled a cheat sheet highlighting a few online card retailers that offer creative solutions, some with a charitable twist so you can spread even more cheer this holiday season. We’ve also listed the approximate price for 50 cards so you can price compare too.

Ornamental offers a huge selection of designer cards, including one called “Joyful Sparkles: Basil” that was designed by actress Kate Beckinsale for the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation. It’s a photo card that serves double duty as a tree ornament and the silk ribbons for tree hanging are included. The cards cost about $1.30 each ($65 for 50 cards) and a portion of the proceeds will help the Foundation’s efforts to cure the skin disorder that affects thousands of children each year.

Long Form
Looking for an alternative to the holiday letter that still tells a story? allows you to create a beautiful mini book card with photos and text that’s held together with pretty grommets for a special keepsake.  The 5” x 7” booklet-style card contains between 3-6 photos and there are dozens of award-winning designs to choose from. No extra postage is required.  Price per card is approximately $3.40 ($170 for 50) with added charges for pearlescent paper.

If you’re looking for choice, is the design mother lode. Choose from nearly 250 photo card templates ranging from folded to flat that run the gamut of holiday greetings, even in Spanish. The cards are extremely affordable, ranging from $35 to $155 for 50 cards. The turnaround time is just a few days and you get the envelopes for free..


Join 10,000 Villages to help support artisans across the globe and the spirit of fair trade through holiday cards made in Bangladesh. These handmade greetings are produced by the artisan group Prokritee, which means “nature” in Bengali, an agency that provides managerial, product design, development and marketing assistance to handicraft organizations in Bangladesh.  Each card is $3.50 ($175 for 50 cards).

Cutting Edge
It seems like every new movie is a 3-D extravaganza, so why not make your holiday cards pop, too? Zimension Cards allows you to upload your own artwork and photos to create your own design, or use one of their pre-loaded designs to create a 3-D cutout card.  For example, you can design a photo card featuring your family standing in front of a pop-up three-dimensional version of your own Christmas tree.  The online form is easy-to-use, but the cards aren’t cheap; 50 cards plus envelopes will run you approximately $400.

Local Options
Need more personal service? Try local photographers Diane Hamilton or Betsy Carothers who can take your picture and print and deliver cards. WIlmette mom Wendy Fessler can customize your cards and even upload your child’s artwork. Also, Paper Source has gotten into the online business and can save you from your glue stick with their digital options.

Did We Miss You?
If you’re a local business that creates cards and we didn’t list you, add yourself to our story through the “Comment” link below.

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