Come As You Aren’t: Mibs Guide to Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween, it’s all about the costume. Scary, funny, silly, or unique–an original costume can be hard to find. Luckily, we picked our Mibs’ brains, and scoured the Internet, for some tips on the perfect transformation.

What To Be?

“My all-time favorite costume is homemade and easy – a headless man. Just put a red stained cloth over your hair to replicate a bloody neck. And wear a man’s suit, shirt and tie so that it covers your ears. Stuffing added above your shoulders will help.”

-Susan Noyes, Make It Better’s Founder

“When our children were young, our family’s costumes were always hand-made and thrown together out of a big chest filled with costume things like masks and capes and silly hats. I was a witch every year, and my husband was usually Inspector Clouseau, the Peter Sellers comical character in the Pink Panther films. The children were everything from Red Riding Hood, to a knight in shining aluminum-foil armor, a clown, Tinkerbell, a furry brown moose, and more. It was always pretty low key, but lots of fun.”

-Make It Better’s  family editor Catherine Rocca

Joan recommends: Store bought, homemade, or a combination of the two? Here are some ideas:

Devil, Angel, or a combination of the two:


For more inspiration, try these links:

Last Minute Costume Ideas. Visit this site…

Costumes That Won’t Break The Bank. Click here!

Where To Buy?

A Magical Mystery Tour
6010 Dempster St
Morton Grove, IL 60053

Being so close to Chicago can really have its perks; consider the all the costume stops and vintage clothing warehouses.

We love Lost Eras for their range and sheer amount of costumes, and distinguished pedigree; they’ve supplied costumes and props for motion pictures and theatre since 1969.

Also in the city, try Chicago Costume for their standout selection of rentals, wigs, masks, and accessories. It’s worth the trip.

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