Keeping Seniors Cool in the Heat

As the temperature continues to climb this week, play it safe by staying in the shade and staying hydrated.


Although the heat is tough on everyone, seniors must take extra precautions to stay safe on hot summer days.  Remind your senior relatives and neighbors to:

  • Use air conditioning or visit a nearby cooling center. Although using air conditioning may be expensive, leaving it on for two hours a day is enough to stay cool.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat small meals. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, and try not to use the oven.
  • Wear loose, breathable, cotton clothing and wear a hat when outside. Avoid going outside between noon and 2 p.m.
  • Keep shades drawn and blinds closed, but keep windows slightly open.
  • If they are feeling dizzy, warm or ill they should contact 911 immediately.
  • If seniors don’t have access to air conditioning, they can visit the cooling center in Skokie at 8020 St. Louis Ave.

To find other cooling centers in your area, visit

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