Better Makers: The Community Helps Raise Funds for the Youth & Seniors

Although most of us couldn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with our loved ones, the Bay Area’s charity organizations weren’t short on love, hosting virtual events to help those in most in need. Marin Valentine’s Ball Brings Love to North Bay’s Vulnerable Youth Annual Event Brings in Much-Needed Funds for Three Youth Organizations The 2021 Marin Valentine’s […]

Reducing Alzheimer’s Risk

People who drink alcohol moderately have a 23% reduction in their risk for contracting Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.   Just when we were all certain that we were killing our brain cells during Happy Hour, a recently released study in Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment claims quite the opposite.  (You just gotta love it […]

Keeping Seniors Cool in the Heat

As the temperature continues to climb this week, play it safe by staying in the shade and staying hydrated.   Although the heat is tough on everyone, seniors must take extra precautions to stay safe on hot summer days.  Remind your senior relatives and neighbors to: Use air conditioning or visit a nearby cooling center. […]

The Future of Senior Living

“I plan to live in my home for the rest of my life,” says Evanston resident Alan Lieberman.   “I’ll remain living in an urban environment with people of all ages because it helps me stay younger and more vital.”  His sentiment echoes the majority of baby boomers.  The Liebermans plan to “age in place.” […]

3 Things To Know About Alzheimer’s Now

Alzheimer’s turned my grandma Reva into a shell of the warm, kind person she once was. It started when she had trouble forming full sentences. And now, the woman who once delighted in the company of her large family has lost all ability to speak. There’s nothing that can be done for my grandma—there’s no […]