Fashion Designer-Turned-‘Entrepreneur Coach’ Bri Seeley Shares Tips For Achieving Business and Life Goals

Built out of a desire to find work that was freeing and fulfilling, Bri Seeley, a fashion designer turned entrepreneur coach, sought to use her unique talents to help entrepreneurs find their path and take their businesses to the next level.

As an entrepreneur herself, Bri utilizes the lessons she’s learned through her own experiences and her extensive knowledge to drive her desire to help others ditch the struggle. Encouraging others to stop holding themselves back, the business visionary helps foster inner strength and business strategies tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Now 15 years deep into her own entrepreneurial journey, Bri has trained close to 5,000 people worldwide, sharing her guidance and unique approach to entrepreneurial coaching. 

Bri Seeley

Her success has been nationally recognized and featured in Good Morning America, Forbes, and Today

It’s safe to say that Bri knows a thing or two about what it takes to thrive in life and business. We caught up with the innovator and thought leader to learn more about the key attributes to long-term, sustainable success and what it means to aim high. Here’s what she had to say.  

You’re an entrepreneur coach, what type of work do you help with?

I help entrepreneurs start, build or grow their businesses. The reason I call myself an entrepreneurship coach instead of a business coach is because I have an inside-out approach that not many follow. I not only focus on the business itself but also the personal development, mindset work, and belief work that plays an integral part in the success of a business. 

What is the biggest hurdle you see people facing in your practice and how do you teach people to overcome it?

It depends on the stage they are in, particularly newer stage entrepreneurs have a hard time just getting started. They have fears and questions around things like is this going to work or am I crazy? More established entrepreneurs know what has worked for them up until this point but it wont help them in their next stage of their business and need guidance to move further.  

What daily habits do you consider the most crucial for success?

The biggest one I advocate for is a morning practice, it sounds a little cliche because everyone is talking about it right now but it’s because it works. The reason I like morning practices is because it helps set you up for the day and helps set the tone. It’s about purposely curating the energy you want to cultivate, approaching the day with more intention.

Some practices I strongly encourage my clients to do are time blocking and time batching

Another one I teach is the feedback loop. Making sure that you are checking in with yourself, your project and vision on a weekly and monthly basis. Evaluating things like what worked this week, what didn’t and looking ahead to the next week in order to create better results for yourself. 

What are your tips for aiming high and achieving desired results?

  1. It can take decades of practice to secure that big win.
  2. Rest and nourishment are crucial. 
  3. Rehearse your successes as much as your craft.
  4. Roll with the punches.
  5. Teamwork is crucial even in solo endeavors.

How do you stay motivated?

In my personal journey and for many of my clients I find that the reason motivation can falter is because you never quite get there. It can be exhausting working towards a destination you are never going to arrive at. It can be difficult to hold on to the big vision day after day. When I’m in those situations I focus more on the bites that are being taken than the big vision. 

Burnout comes from constantly working towards something you never achieve. In order to avoid that, find the daily wins even if it’s one thing and learn to celebrate them daily. It helps refuel motivation and find acknowledgement. When you wake up and have so many things in a constant open loop it can be exhausting. I recommend picking up a hobby that you can say you completed. 

What sets you apart from other entrepreneur coaches?

First off, I think in terms of my methodology with my inside-out approach focusing on not only business development but also personal development sets me apart. It takes both to be successful and many do either one or the other.

You can have the best strategy but if your mindset is terrible, it just doesn’t work. They need to go hand in hand. I’m not afraid to put myself out there. Entrepreneurs have the idea that the opportunity will come to you. I have been at it for 15 years and I am still not at that point where it is just handed to me. You have to put yourself in the line of opportunity. Share your story with others and have them wanting to say yes! I want to share that! I actively pitch myself and reach out, connecting and networking with people.

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