Fat Burning Treadmill Workouts

Anxious to lose that extra weight, but not too excited to go outside right now?

When it’s too cold and icy to go outside, try one of these challenging, fat burning, treadmill workouts designed for running or walking. Grab a towel and water and get moving

Before you hit START, spend a few minutes warming up.

Workout #1

The Ladder

Change the pace or the elevation every 1/4 mile. Climb up the ladder and increase your pace. Climb down the ladder and decrease your pace.

Example for running:

1/4 mile at 0% elevation, easy pace, i.e. 10:30 per mile pace

1/4 mile, elevation=2%, same 10:30 pace

1/4 mile, elevation 0%, pace increases to 10:15

1/4 mile, elevation=2%, same 10:15 pace

Continue this pattern up to 8:45 for example, for a total of 4 miles of quality running, or climb back down the ladder, slowing the pace.

Workout #2

Quarter Repeats

This walk or run workout involves four descending sets of 1/4 miles. The first 1/4 of each set is the slowest and the third, the fastest. Take an easy (walk or run) 1/4 between sets.

Example for walking:

1/4 mile at 20:00 per mile pace

1/4 at 19:00 pace

1/4 at 18:00

Walk 1/4 recovery at a very easy pace

The first set is the slowest, the last set the fastest. You may choose to walk the first set and then run the last two. Mix it up.

Workout #3

Everything in 3s

This workout has you on and off the treadmill. You change it up every 3 minutes for a total of 12 cycles and 36 minutes.

3 minutes walking barefoot on the treadmill

3 of spinal warm ups (cat/cow, prone extensions)

3 running

3 of sun salutes

3 running

3 of abdominal work

3 faster running

3 walking backwards (slow pace)

3 minutes quicker paced yoga

3 minutes of grapevine in both directions (slow pace)

3 easy walking

3 stretching

These challenging treadmill workouts keep you warm, offer variety, intensity and great fat burning exercise to get you ready for spring.

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