Meet Our “Sex & the Suburbs” Writer: Marjie Killeen

Relationship writer Marjie Killeen writes a regular column for called “Sex in the Suburbs.”

In it, she delves into the nitty-gritty of relationships and marriage. Now it’s our turn to get up close and personal with Marjie.

You write about juicy stuff for us, sex and relationships and teenagers. What does your family think about your articles?

I never write about my family without their permission, but my son, who’s 16, does read my stuff and so do his friends. He’ll kid me about it, but he tells me he’s proud of me. I don’t think my husband reads my columns. He doesn’t seem concerned; he’s proud that I’m writing.

Tell me about your start with Forty Fabulous.

My blog started as a thesis project. My 40s have been a time of unexpected growth. Doors opened. I thought it would be negative, aging and all, but I was surprised by how great it was. So I wanted to write about this stage of life.

You hit on a hot topic last year.

Divorce and dating. My blog took off. People couldn’t get enough of it. A lot of people are interested in sex—duh. But it really became this thing where people were waiting for the next installment. Some people said it made them appreciate their own marriages, others just wanted to see what would happen next to these women I was following.

You used to do a segment called “5 Faves” for Wilmette’s WCTV Channel 6. So we’re turning the tables and asking you for 5 faves.

Outfit: I live in jeans. I’m curvy, but petite so I don’t like a lot of volume. The shirt is edgy, but classic. And I learned about the nude shoes from stylist Kate Schifrin. I try to look my age, but current.

Favorite Column: I love “What Men Really Want, But Won’t Ask For,” but also have to shout out to “Eligible Bachelors.” That was a lot of fun to write.

Recent Movie: “Please Give” with Oliver Platt and Catherine Keener. It’s a comedy. The husband and wife butt heads with the granddaughters of the elderly woman who lives in apartment the couple owns, in New York City.

Favorite Part of Living in the Northern Suburbs: The people, because they’re interesting and diverse, which I’ve learned by interviewing so many different types of people.

Food: Cheese fries. If there were no consequences, I’d eat a lot more of them.

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