Tricep Dips

Focusing on fitness, the Move of the Month seeks to help you get more oompf in less time. This move focuses on getting those arms in shape for the “Holiday-I’m-going-sleeveless-tonight!” season.

A little dip’ll do ya

Move: Tricep dips (a.k.a. reverse push-ups)
Muscles worked: Triceps (which are responsible for a shapely, toned-looking arm)
Equipment: None (mat is optional)

Bonuses: This exercise is intense but over quickly – and it will have you looking great in your sleeveless holiday-wear in just a few weeks.

Begin seated on a carpeted floor (or on a mat)

1. Bend legs, feet well in front of knees, hands on the floor under your shoulders, fingers facing your toes.
2. Lift your seat up off the floor.
3. Shift your rib cage back until it’s between your upper arms and then grip your glutes tightly, tuck hips up and pull your waist in.
4. Push your shoulders down away from your ears and pull your shoulder blades together.
5. Bend your elbows deeply, then less deeply, deeply, then less deeply.

Do 30-40 tricep dips daily – some slow, some fast. Within a few weeks you will have more toned and shapely arms!

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