Occupy Wall Street – A North Shore Perspective

Does the Occupy Wall Street movement affect you?  If so, how?

The Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Chicago, Occupy Wherever movement is a protest against the growing disparity between the top 1% of household income earners and everyone else.

According to the Wall Street Journal, as of 2008, US households with $380,000 or more annual income are in the top 1%. Those of us living in Chicago’s northern suburbs are likely to be in, near or keenly aware of that top 1%. Many residents may not meet that $380,000 threshold, but still feel that they are living quite comfortably.

Members of our community also are likely to have the education, critical thinking skills and creativity necessary to help solve the complex problems that led to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

This intrigues me and prompts me to better understand how the economy in general and the Occupy Wall Street movement specifically affects you. Please answer our poll and share your thoughts or concerns here. If you would like your comments to remain confidential, please send them to me at Susan@MakeItBetter.net instead.

Thank you.

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