TOMS Sunglasses Bring Sight to Those in Need

TOMS shoe brand is opening a new chapter in its One for One campaign: Eyewear.


The company that originally donated shoes to children in developing countries has now launched a sunglasses line to address another basic necessity. For every pair of sunglasses bought, TOMS gives sight to one person by working with local eye care organizations to provide medical services, prescription eyeglasses or surgery.

Visual impairment is the seventh largest health concern in the world, with almost 90% of those struggling living in developing countries. According to TOMS, their solutions, including simple, 15-minute cataract surgeries, could help 80% of those struggling.

Classic Shades with a Twist
TOMS sunglasses come in three classic styles for men and women, but the wayfarers, aviators and oversized round frames have a unique detail. Colorful, hand-painted stripes on the stems symbolize the three elements of the One for One process: The first stripe represents the customer, the connecting stripe signifies TOMS, and the final stripe is the person being helped.

The eyewear is available at the TOMS website, which also features a “Virtual Try-On” station, so you can see how the sunnies flatter your face.

Enacting Change with One for One
TOMS first began in 2006, after its founder, Blake Mycoskie, was shocked by the poverty he witnessed during his travels in Argentina. Mycoskie wanted to help the children he saw walking the streets without shoes, and he began to give back in big ways. The One for One campaign instantly turns its customers into benefactors through the simple purchase of shoes or sunglasses, while also forming connections between people all over the world.

In its first year alone, TOMS sold 10,000 pairs of shoes, and now works in over 20 countries. By September of 2010, the company donated its one millionth pair of shoes. Mycoskie can’t wait to make the same kind of impact through his sunglasses line.

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Classic 101
in navy with blue stripe, $135

Classic 201 in tortoise with orange stripe, $135

Classic 301 in silver with orange stripe, $145

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