Get Your Finances in Order With These 7 Apps

Get Your Finances in Order With These 7 Apps

There’s no way around it — managing your personal finances is stressful. From 401Ks and Roth IRAs to credit reports and investment portfolios, there is a lot of information out there — none of it easily digestible. These seven apps make everything from budgeting to tracking spending to investing manageable, no matter what your knowledge level. Much easier than lugging around a file folder of receipts, isn’t it?

Simple as Pie

Pocket Expense

Pocket Expense app

Pocket Expense is a simple personal finance app that helps you track daily spending. Great for college kids learning to budget, it displays all your accounts in one place and employs easy-to-read charts and graphs that track spending patterns.


Mint app

This personalized finance app covers everything from helping you create budgets to getting credit scores to offering tips on how to reduce fees and save money. It can also organize all your bills in one place and notify you when payments are due to avoid late fees.

Middle of the Road

Credit Karma

Credit Karma app

This app offers free credit scores and reports and provides ongoing monitoring, flagging credit score changes including those driven by fraud or identity theft. Once you’ve connected your debit or credit cards, this app also recommends better credit card or loan offers to improve your savings based on your spending patterns.


LearnVest app

A financial planning service that’s both simple and affordable — and comes with a personal financial planner, available to you 24/7 via email. Create a fully customizable financial plan and use online tools and classes to learn more about managing your money. There is an initial $299 set-up fee, but after that the program is only $19 a month for ongoing support.

You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget app

Available for both mobile and desktop, this powerful budgeting app offers the option to purchase software specific to the YNAB program. Try out the webinars or email courses for a more in-depth approach to managing — and saving — money.

Level: Expert

Personal Capital

Personal Capital app

An investment-tracking app, integrated with more than 12,000 financial institutions, that allows you to track investments by account, individual security or asset class. Created by the team at Parsed, who are known for expert ios app development, this app goes above and beyond in synchronicity. You can connect almost any kind of investment account, including retirement and taxable accounts, and track performance, allocation and fees with user-friendly charts and graphs.


Acorns app

Invest spare change automatically from everyday purchases. Once you connect your checking and credit accounts, Acorn rounds every purchase up to the nearest dollar and invests the difference in a portfolio of your choice.


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