3 Financial Resolutions to Make for the New Year

With a new year comes a clean slate, fresh start, and new ambitions. Many people choose to channel their energy into eating healthy, exercising, or learning a new skillset; but now is the perfect opportunity to assess your financial situation and set a few strategic personal finance resolutions for 2020. While you are not likely […]

7 Things Wealthy People Do to Stay Rich

Whether you’re content with your current financial situation — and want it to stay that way — or aiming to increase your wealth, learn the secrets that keep wealthy people on top, both financially and professionally. 1. Be Prepared It may be hard to grasp the fact that you’re putting money aside for 20, 30, […]

Top Investing Tips and Insights From Chicago's Premier Investment Conference

For its 10th year, Chicago’s premier investment conference, Invest For Kids, welcomed a group of 11 elite investment managers to give rapid-fire presentations and engage in conversation. More than 1,000 guests across financial services were in attendance, including asset managers, hedge fund professionals, and students. The 2018 Forum, held Oct. 24 at the Harris Theater, celebrated […]

Impact Investing 101: 6 Ways to Align Your Investment Strategy With the Issues You Care About

More than a well-intentioned proposition, investing for good can also be, well, a good investment. According to a recent study from Harvard Business Review, companies actively improving their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices exhibit better stock performance and profitability than their counterparts. “ESG investing has gone mainstream, and this is creating real opportunities for […]

3 Steps to Finding the Right Financial Advisor

Why do people go to a doctor? As well as we know our own health, we want the perspective and expertise of someone who has broad knowledge and deep experience. Often, even the most accomplished and successful people struggle with how to engage a financial professional. Whether you’re contemplating seeking professional guidance for the first […]