Libertyville Dental Associates to Donate a Smile Makeover for the Holidays

Sam Weisz, DDS and his colleagues just want to make people smile this holiday season—even if it means giving them a dental overhaul.

“We’ve heard so many stories this year of people in the community who are down and out, with foreclosures and other things,” says Weisz. Hearing about patients’ hardships prompted the group to do something positive and uplifting for the holidays.

This year LDA will donate a smile makeover or makeovers, up to $15,000 in value, to one or more individuals who could really use a reason to smile. To nominate someone you know for the makeover, visit their Facebook page and share that person’s story, either on the wall (no need to reveal names) or by sending a Facebook message.

The deadline for nominations is Dec. 15. Candidates don’t need to necessarily require major dental work—the group is open to performing several small procedures, even cleanings, for people in need.

To see how amazing and uplifting LDA’s smile makeovers can really be, check out this video from a previous makeover.

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