Local Woman Intervenes and Saves a Life: Award Sponsor KPMG US LLP Honors 2021 Red Cross Lifesaving Rescue Hero  

Red Cross Kyla Davis

On August 27, 2020, Kyla Davis of Skokie, the 2021 Lifesaving Rescue Hero Award recipient, had just finished her night shift as a hospital operator when she saw a woman screaming for help while a man held a knife to her neck. Kyla immediately made her presence known by yelling at the man to stop. While walking towards them, the man flashed the knife. Fearing for her safety, Kyla retreated to her car and called 911, while the man forced the woman into an SUV. When the woman escaped and got in Kyla’s car, she jumped into action in order to save the woman’s life.    

This Women’s History Month we celebrate women for their actions to help others and service to their communities. The American Red Cross of Illinois celebrates the everyday heroes in our communities and honors their acts of great bravery, dedication, and service through their annual Heroes Breakfast  event. The event also serves as a way for the organization to highlight partnerships with corporate leaders like KPMG that make their lifesaving mission possible. As the sponsor of the 2021 Lifesaving Rescue Hero Award, KPMG makes it possible for the Red Cross to be prepared to respond to more than 60,000 disasters nationwide.  

american red cross helpers

KPMG works together for better each and every day to make a difference in their communities and create a lasting impact that is measurable, sustainable and transformational. KPMG collaborates with nonprofits committed to strengthening minds and bodies to help build stronger and healthier communities. KPMG partners with American Red Cross because they believe in the mission of providing relief and support to those in crisis, and support the Lifesaving Rescue Hero Award to honor the heroes in our community. 

Learn more about the 2021 Red Cross Heroes and nominate a Hero in your life here

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