Oil and Water Mix Beautifully in This Hubbard Woods Studio

Walk down a sunny courtyard in the Hubbard Woods business district on any given day, and you may find four artists painting at their easels with styles as different as they are.

What they have in common is their tie to the North Shore Art League where they have all taken classes and honed their individual crafts.  Their brightly lit studio is a place where they find clear minds, camaraderie and critique for their chosen medium all just a short distance from their homes and everyday distractions.

They opened their studio in September of 2009 to have a place to paint with no interruptions, where they can close the door at the end of the day and leave their easels up and tools out.

“It’s nice to have others to ask what is wrong when something is bugging you about a painting,” says Susan Underwood, whose watercolors range from pale, delicate washes to the deepest darks.

Their investment makes this feel more like a job than a hobby, but it is “A job you love—the job of my dreams,” Sue Jacoby says.  “But camaraderie is key, there’s lots of laughing, but then it’s down to work.”

Most of the furniture is from an early morning outing to a local rummage sale. “It’s fun to walk into,” says Sally Wille, and the bright watercolors that surround her workspace add to the studio’s energetic and cheery feeling.

All four women have shown their work in local art shows and galleries including the North Shore Art League member show.  While their future plans are still evolving, they will be hosting a studio walk with other local artists, this spring or summer. They also welcome visitors by appointment or by chance.  They can be found at 896 Green Bay Rd., #11, in Winnetka, or by email at oilandwaterstudio@gmail.com.

Like the paint on their palettes it is a perfect blend of energy and creativity, and the saying “They get along like oil and water,” couldn’t be further from the truth.

Oil and Water Studio, Winnetka

“I enjoy painting a wide variety of subjects including landscapes, seascapes, figures, flowers, house portraits and dog portraits,” says Susan Underwood.

“I strive to capture the mood rather than the details–focusing on any atmospheric conditions or elements that deflect or mask the light, blur the details, and leave you wondering what’s beyond,” says Sue Jacoby.

“I paint what I like to look at. I love Michigan and the home we have there and am attracted to the colors of nature up there,” says Sally Wille.

The opening of Oil and Water Studio was perfect timing in their artistic journey and allows them to “go to another level with our painting,” says Cindy Fuller.

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