Send a Tweet, Earn a Small Nonprofit $10,000

Know a worthy small nonprofit that deserves a boost? Don’t have the time or patience to go through the grant-writing process? Then hop on Twitter now through Nov. 4 and nominate an organization for one of ten $10,000 grants from the Deluxe Corporation Foundation with the hashtag #DeluxeCares.

Dubbed “The Short and Tweet” Grants Program, this effort to reach out to struggling nonprofits is part of a year-long celebration of Deluxe Corporation’s 100th year.

Eligible organizations for the #DeluxeCares grant must have a mission based in economic empowerment, creating a future workforce, promoting financial literacy, crisis assistance or the arts and have an annual revenue of $3 million or less.

Since 1954, the Deluxe Corporation Foundation has been committed to helping people, businesses and communities thrive; it has donated more than $100 million to charitable organizations.

The Deluxe Corporation Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Deluxe Corporation, a growth engine for small businesses and financial institutions. Deluxe offers a wide range of products and services including customized checks and forms, website development and hosting, email marketing, search engine optimization and logo design.

For more information on Deluxe Corporation, click here. Find more details on how the “Short and Tweet” application and selection process works here.

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