Send a Tweet, Earn a Small Nonprofit $10,000

Know a worthy small nonprofit that deserves a boost? Don’t have the time or patience to go through the grant-writing process? Then hop on Twitter now through Nov. 4 and nominate an organization for one of ten $10,000 grants from the Deluxe Corporation Foundation with the hashtag #DeluxeCares. Dubbed “The Short and Tweet” Grants Program, […]

Land Your Dream Job Using Twitter

You probably know that you need a polished LinkedIn profile when you’re searching for a job, but did you know you also can use Twitter to boost your career? When used intelligently, Twitter can be an incredibly empowering tool – especially when used for a job search! Here are just few ways professionals can use […]

How Twitter Makes Life Easier for Busy Moms

Twitter is all the rage. The signature blue bird appears on nearly every web page, and the younger generation is flocking to Twitter rather than other forms of social media. But, Twitter isn’t just for kids. Increasingly, busy moms are using it to connect with one another, to stay on top of current affairs and […]

The 25 Best iPhone Apps

We’ve updated our list of the 25 must-have apps.   These are the ones we use again and again to save us money and time (or waste a little time and brain cells, if we’re being totally honest). We’ve also noted which apps also work on iPads. Let the downloads begin! Communication Just using your […]

Reader Feedback on Facebook

Are you following us on Facebook and Twitter? If not, you’re missing a chance to get a first look at new articles and new ideas from our readers and editors. Follow us on and The Make It Better exclusive interview with Jeremy Piven! (And his mom, Joyce, on the occasion of the Piven […]

Tweet These Gals to Dallas

Two North Shore moms are on their way to Dallas for the Super Bowl, but not by plane or train—by tweet! Jennie Marshall and Meredith Sinclair are contestants in the Mercedes Benz Tweet Race. The team—hashtag #MBteamGL—will be driving in an actual Mercedes Benz SUV. They leave Chicago on Wednesday, February 2 headed toward Dallas […]

All You Ever Wanted To Know About "Sexting"

Sexting, online bullying, Facebook fraud and more. Social media may be our kids’ cultural norm, but parents have good cause for concern and every reason to become better informed.   For that reason the Family Awareness Network and the Wilmette Junior High School sponsored student and parent discussions on Wednesday, Oct. 7, with nationally renown […]

Social Networking: Get Schooled in Facebook, Twitter and More

  Feel like a fool when it comes to Facebook? Wondering what everybody’s “twittering” about? Maybe it’s time to get schooled in this crazy Internet stuff:   The New Trier Extension is offering a course called “Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter and More” that will introduce you to using the sites and help you set up […]