An Easy Way to Organize Important Personal Information

One of the very best gifts to yourself, your children and your loved ones is organizing your affairs. This means pulling together your important information and records all in one place so they are on hand when needed most. This simple measure is invaluable because it helps your loved ones easily find critical documents and know how to best carry out your wishes in case of an emergency.

“Organization feels good. It’s a health and wellness measure,” says Debbie Roberts, a Chicago estate attorney and co-founder of LifeWrap Solutions. She and her partner, Kathy Rychel, developed a set of products to help families organize their affairs. You can easily simplify your paperwork so you keep just what you need. It acts as a roadmap to keep you organized and as a safety net in case of a medical emergency or natural disaster. Plus, it opens the door to having important conversations about your healthcare wishes.

Think about what your family might need to quickly access. Then pull those items together, all in one place, and let your loved ones know where they are stored. A good time to get started is just before taking a trip. Include documents and information such as:

  • Emergency contact information
  • Legal documents
  • Financial information
  • Medical information
  • Electronic accounts
  • Insurance information
  • Last wishes

LifeWrap Solutions makes it quick and easy to organize your personal records, your children’s affairs, home records and even your pet information. They provide simple-to-follow, fill-in-the-blank templates to help you gather just the right documents and information that you and your family might need. LifeWrap is available in a smart-looking toolkit or in easy-to-edit digital formats for those who wish to go paperless. It’s the right thing to do for your children and for everyone who cares about you.


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