Beauty Tools Worth Investing In


With all the beauty gadgets on the market, it’s hard to determine where to spend the big bucks and where to save.

We scoped out the hottest items to find out the differences between the options.

Electric Face Brush

Splurge: Clarisonic Mia is the most compact of the Clarisonic brushes, is waterproof, has a timer, and charges when plugged into a socket. The Mia cleanses skin six times better than traditional methods and reduces the appearance of pores.
 Costs about $149


Steal: The Olay Pro X is more compact than the Clarisonic, water resistant, battery powered, and promises to cleanse skin six times better than without. The Pro X rotates in one direction rather than vibrating like the Clarisonic.
Costs $29


Verdict: While some people love their more quiet Pro X, other users complained that the Pro-X sufficiently lacks the power and speed of the Clarisonic. Know that if you have sensitive skin, it’s best to use these brushes less frequently all together.


Electronic Zit Zapper

Splurge: No!No! Zit Zapper uses light and heat technology to kill bacteria in the pores by 81 percent within 24 hours. Hold the device over your blemish for 10 seconds 2 times daily. The No!No! plugs in to recharge and is FDA approved.
Costs $180, with warranty $215


Steal: Tanda Zap Light Therapy eliminates acne-causing bacteria with light and promises to fade blemishes within 24 hours. Place over blemish for two minutes two to three times daily. The Tanda is battery operated and FDA approved. 
Costs $49


Verdict: Users noted that both zit zapping devices work best when you catch the pimple early. One big complaint: the Tanda Zap drains batteries quickly.


Hair Products

Splurge: Adrianne Johnston, a top stylist at Chicago’s Maxine Salon, recommends investing in styling tools like a hair dryer and flat iron. She explains, “You really do get what you pay for. If you invest in tools and treat them properly, they should last several years.” Both Johnston and beauty expert, “The Beauty Girl” Nicole Pearl, favor the T3 Featherweight Professional Hair Dryer, which uses ionic and infrared heat so your hair dries in significantly less time. At only 13 ounces, it leaves hair smooth, eliminates flyaways and doesn’t over-dry. Costs about $200


Save: Pearl recommends the Remington Keratin Therapy 1 ½” Clip-Free Curling Iron at just $29.99. Johnston likes to save on Velcro rollers, combs, and clips, as well as vented, paddle, and round brushes, which can be found at Ulta or Sally Beauty Supply.


Verdict: Johnston says it best, “I know many women whom are self-proclaimed product junkies, but they forget what they have or how to use their products properly. Find the right tools you need, learn to use them, and keep it simple.”


Tip from our Shopping Pro: Look for these products on websites such as Overstock or Amazon. You’re likely to find them at a better price!

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