Pandemic Pampering: Ways to Practice Self Care

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Our concerns have been shrinking and expanding, in quantity and level of importance, almost constantly since the beginning of the pandemic. Some of these worries — relating to job loss, mortgage or rent, and of course, health — are clearly more pressing, but it doesn’t mean other less crucial matters haven’t been keeping us up at night. We’re talking about the beauty stuff, or lack thereof. As shelter-in-place mandates were doled out across the country, advertising shifted on a dime. No more emails for going out tops, sweats was the name of the game now. Makeup sales, aside from cornerstone items like mascara and concealer, went down. Many people leaned into this new way of life — men stopped shaving, women shaved their heads. But like an essay recently pointed out, lots of us have started to miss feeling attractive

It may seem frivolous and self-absorbed to be stressed about roots growing out at a time like this, but research proves caring for ourselves and our mental well-being are correlated. A morning in bed eating cold lasagna for breakfast a la Garfield is one thing, but continually letting hygiene lapse can be a sign of mental illness. People struggling with depression can find themselves with no energy or motivation, and skip showering or washing their hands — something especially critical during this time. “They report not having enough energy to do simple self-care tasks, such as brushing their teeth or washing their hair,” says Melissa A. Jones, PhD, HSPP, a clinical psychologist in a Healthline article. “Many of them do not take care of their personal hygiene needs unless they are reminded by a family member to do so.”

Although Illinois salons opened in Phase 3 last month, you may not be comfortable visiting yet, which is understandable as COVID-19 numbers continue to climb. California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that hair salons may be allowed to reopen at the state level in early June, but that process has been bumpy, and that good haircut feeling might still be a ways away depending on local restrictions. So in the meantime, don’t inject yourself with any mystery vials (or bleach) just yet. Check out these products  — including coveted root touch up products — that will give you a salon experience at home.



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Razors can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving you with ingrown hairs and bumps to deal with. The Wicked Waxer sells miracle products that will help ease this irritation until you can be waxed again, including Bump Eraiser Media Paste and exfoliating bath mitts.

Root Touch Up


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Andreas Hogue Salon, a repeat Better Best of Winner, has several products available for curbside pick-up, including a root touch up spray that will help you hide those grays (no shame in going gray, though!).

Perhaps you caught this when it aired on KRON4. Edward’s Salon in Mill Valley was one of the first salons to mail color touchup kits to clients back in March, and is continuing to do so.

NH2 Salon in Novato, California is offering virtual consultations, color match guidance and step-by-step support. Get a professional color kit delivered to you with free two-day shipping.

Pampering Products Available Online

How to help:

In addition to supporting local salons and stores, consider supporting one of these local nonprofits that urgently need support during the pandemic.

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