Your Genes Aren’t Your Destiny

Some of our health is pre-determined by the luck of our genes, but new evidence shows that we can influence the outcome even when our genetics are stacked against us. One third of all cancers are caused by lifestyle choices: tobacco, alcohol, diet and obesity. The cancers caused by our habits can sometimes be prevented […]

Reducing Alzheimer’s Risk

People who drink alcohol moderately have a 23% reduction in their risk for contracting Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.   Just when we were all certain that we were killing our brain cells during Happy Hour, a recently released study in Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment claims quite the opposite.  (You just gotta love it […]

Can Vitamin D and Sunshine Save Your Ta Tas?

Increased bone fractures, incontinence, and now breast cancer can be attributed to vitamin D insufficiency.   An astonishing new study presented at the American Society of Breast Surgeons annual meeting says that women with a vitamin D deficiency have a two and a half times greater risk of developing breast cancer. And for those who […]

Lasers are a Girl’s Best Friend

Forget the diamonds—lasers are the new “it.” Why? How about a facelift-like effect without surgery, architectural changes, or downtime? Lasers now treat whatever screams at you from the mirror in the morning: Age spots like Grandma? Acne? Wrinkles?  Sagging jowels? Hair in funky places?  (Where did all this come from anyway?) Find the Right Laser […]