North Shore Fitness Centers Persevere Through the Pandemic

Fitness centers were hit especially hard by the pandemic but thanks to perseverance and intense disinfection methods some workout sites are bringing back clients and returning to normalcy.  Temperature checks, class size limits, hospital-grade disinfectants and virus-killing UVC light are some of the tools in place to allow customers to resume their workout routines. And […]

Heal Your Body With Andrew Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., is a leader in the field of integrative medicine, a prevention-oriented, evidence-based approach to health, which takes into account the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle. Integrative medicine combines the best practices of conventional and alternative medicine and works from the premise that the body can heal itself, if given […]

Could You Be a SuperAger?

A fascinating study revealed interesting brain characteristics in older adults who aren’t aging like most. So-called SuperAgers have cognitive abilities like those of much younger people. Scientists at Northwestern’s Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease Center at the Feinberg School of Medicine are working to understand why some older adults’ brains function like those of people […]

Hair Loss Treatments That Actually Work

Losing some hair is normal. Most of us lose about 100-150 hairs per day. But what if you notice more hair in the drain than usual? What if you see thinning at your scalp? What if your ponytail is hardly worth the effort? Approximately 40 percent of all women will have some type of hair […]

Men: Staying Healthy at 20, 30, 40, 50

Doctors always warn, ignore your health and it will go away. Luckily, for men in their 20s who stay up late, drink beer and eat junk food, the body is very forgiving. It responds quickly to changes: healthy eating, regular exercise and stress-reducing activities. Don’t forget time with friends and family; strong emotional ties help […]

7 Easy Ways to Live Longer

When you think of hearts this month, don’t just think of the Valentines. Take a few minutes to think about the amazing beating muscle that keeps you alive. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminds us that heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the US. Since February is American […]

10 Diet Tips for Better Health, Plus a Heart-Healthy Cioppino Recipe

February is American Heart Month. Time to take stock of your diet and fit in some new, lighter entrees. In the past, I have developed healthy recipes for several cookbooks for the American Heart Association. The following are their basic guidelines. As you make daily food choices, base your eating pattern on these 10 recommendations: 1. Choose […]

Get Heart-Healthy in February

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. February, host to both Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, is a great time to learn heart-healthy habits that will help keep us around for those we love. Eat a Healthy Diet “When […]