Gluten-Free Taco Pie

  If you have a gluten sensitivity or allergy, you should definitely check out the new cookbook by mother-daughter team Carlyn and Sarah Berghoff, “Cooking for Your Gluten-Free Teen.” It’s filled with great recipes, including this terrific Taco Pie. This dish will satisfy the whole family, and it’s a good way to use up leftover […]

Fabio Viviani's Eggplant Caponata

I love Italian food 24/7, but there’s something about buying a slew of gorgeous veggies at the late summer Farmers’ Market that makes me want to make mounds of vegetable antipasti.   This Eggplant Caponata from Top Cheftestant (and super-hot Siena Tavern chef/owner) Fabio Viviani’s new cookbook, Fabio’s Italian Kitchen (Hyperion, 2013), has the sweet […]

Just Peachy: Peach and Black Bean Salsa

It’s National Peach Month, and not coincidentally, the height of the peach season.   So there’s no better time, really, to get creative with this fuzzy, summery, super-juicy fruit. Why not make this versatile fruit salsa, equally delicious next to a basket of chips, atop a goat cheese and arugula salad, or as an accompaniment […]

6 Games to Play on Game Night

We spend all day, every day, glued to a phone or computer screen.   Kids are texting, playing Angry Birds, watching Netflix and surfing, while adults are checking their work and personal email, catching up on Facebook, and watching “The Voice.” Sometimes it feels like we fritter away all our time linking to others […]

Chicken Milanese: A Chicken for All Seasons

  The art of breading and pan-frying meat—chicken, veal or pork—is a valuable skill to have. Why? Because it’s unbelievably delicious, that’s why. Plus, everyone in your family will love this dish. The key is to offset the crunchy, fried exterior by topping it with an acidic sauce or salad. The classic Milanese treatment of […]

Get Your Freekeh On

Summertime. It’s that season when you’re asked to bring a dish to the block party, pre-fireworks picnic, or backyard barbecue. Sure, your black bean and corn salad is damn tasty, but are you bringing that AGAIN? Branch out a little with freekeh, an ancient grain that’s seeing a resurgence. Freekeh is made from roasted green […]

Chicken Vesuvio, Take Two

  Chicken Vesuvio has always been a favorite of mine; it’s my go-to dish to bring to friends, and it’s great served hot, cold or at room temperature. I love garlic, oregano and lemon in combination with potato spears and chicken on the bone. Here, I’ve updated it with sweet potatoes and wild ramps. This […]

Mom Will Be Smitten With These Raspberry Ricotta Scones

One of my favorite cookbooks in recent memory is Deb Perelman’s “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.” It’s filled with fabulous, craveable recipes, all of which are eminently doable. And that’s good news, especially for Mother’s Day! Mom will love everything about these whole-wheat raspberry-ricotta scones, which are a little fruity, a dollop of healthy, and a […]

What's Really for Dinner: Sunshine in a Glass Cocktail

If you’re like me and the day got away from you, it’s a pizza pie and a quick salad that I threw together. But don’t forget a great drink! I give you Sunshine in a (Martini) Glass. Just three simple ingredients, and happiness occurs. Inspired by a recent luncheon for author Amy Stewart and her […]