Etiquette Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Reputation

Arriving late. Answering a call on your cell phone while talking to someone. Refusing to slow down for another driver to change lanes. All of these behaviors exhibit bad manners and send the message, “’I only care about me, not you,’” says Peter Post of the Emily Post Institute. It isn’t intentional; people are rude […]

Do Traditional Rules of Etiquette Apply in Our Modern World?

A generation ago, the rules of etiquette dictated pretty clearly how we should conduct ourselves in different situations. But, it’s a whole new world (filled with all kinds of new technology), leaving a lot of room for error when it comes to modern manners. “Etiquette is defined as societal norms of politeness, so of course […]

Minding your Manners on Facebook

I admit it, I was “unfriended.”   Like many on Facebook today, I chose to rebut a political innuendo made by a “friend” (aka, woman I barely knew who “friended” me two years ago), and she wasn’t very happy about it. The experience left me asking, what are the rules of engagement on Facebook and […]

Manners Count: A Quick Primer Before the Holidays

Local etiquette expert Patricia A. O’Brien wants children to be well behaved. So in her classes, “Manners Please,” she focuses on 5 areas as the bedrock of proper manners. 1) Dining skills, navigating forks and spoons, how to cut meat and proper use of a dinner napkin 2) Making introductions and shaking hands 3) Party […]