You Said It: The Holiday Season Can Be as Difficult as It Is Delightful — How to Give the Gift of Your Best Self This Year 

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” We can’t help wondering if Edward Pola and George Wyle, who wrote this famous Christmas tune — popularized by Andy Williams — meant for their lyrics to be sung with a touch of sarcasm. As much as we may want this time of year to be the hap-happiest season […]

Is It Time for a Relationship Reckoning? 3 Couples’ Stories Plus Expert Advice on Restoring Lost Connection

Everybody wants love. The ceaseless stream of “meet-cute” content on social media and popular TV series remind us (even when we would rather forget) that if we’re not in love, we’re waiting to be. This inundation of love on our screens and streaming platforms is just one example of a Nicholas-Sparks-inspired society hoping that perfect […]

How to Talk to Your Partner About Better Sex

Talking about sex is an important part of a healthy intimate relationship, but having the conversation can feel difficult and awkward. There’s still a lot of shame and discomfort around sex. We aren’t used to talking about our sex life in honest, specific ways with anyone—including the person we’re sleeping with.  Sometimes we don’t broach […]

You Said It: LCCF's Racial Equity Program Is Building Community and Contributing to Economic Justice in Lake County

The Lake County Community Foundation (LCCF) brings together philanthropists and donors, along with innovation and ideas, to create impact in Lake County, Illinois — today and for generations to come.  At LCCF, we believe our mission is best fulfilled when we embrace racial equity, diversity and inclusion (REDI) not only as core values but also […]

5 Questions You Should Ask on a Date to Spark Meaningful Conversation

In our career-driven modern world, it can sometimes feel easier to land a new job than find a romantic partner, especially when first dates tend to go a lot like a job interview. The problem is that many of these dates go south when singles don’t engage in meaningful conversation, says celebrity matchmaker, relationship expert […]

14 Ways to Make Your First Couple’s Trip Memorable

So you’ve agreed to take your first couple’s trip. Congratulations! At a minimum, it indicates your relationship is going well, and you enjoy spending time with each other. Whatever else it means remains to be seen. At least for now, you can safely begin floating ideas about where you should go. But before you seal […]