Amazing Seniors: Sharon J. King

Sharon J. King is the head of membership for the Glencoe Women’s Library Club, which raises money to distribute to different area philanthropies, including hospitals and Glencoe Youth Services. But her service hardly ends there. “If something’s happening, Sharon is in the middle of it,” says Club President Peg Malloy. King is so in the […]

Avoiding Scams: Protecting Your Parents

If you or your parents are over 60, watch out—scam artists are lurking.   Like Little Red Riding Hood’s wolf “friend” they are disguised, hiding in direct mail solicitations, telemarketing calls, Internet messages and even infomercials. They want confidential information about bank accounts, credit cards and mortgages. They are selling worthless cures for diseases and […]

Seniors With Sass

  Senior status arrives in the mail, in the form of an AARP card, shortly before that “50-but-still-acting-30” birthday. But whether you call yourself a “young senior,” “old senior” or “not-really-a-senior-at-all,” there does seem to be a lot of clarifying and wiggling around the “S” word.     For example, if aging baby boomers can […]

Aging Grace Allows Seniors to Remain Independent

If you live on the North Shore and are blessed with both children and parents who need your loving attention, you are in good—and growing—company. Our community is full of members of the “sandwich generation,” who juggle schedules and responsibilities for three or more generations of their families.