8 Awesome High-Tech Tools To Make Parenting Easier

Parenting is not an easy gig. The endless tasks and countless responsibilities can become overwhelming. But in this digital age, there are so many tools aimed at making life simpler. These handy gadgets and apps make groceries appear at your doorstep, let you know where your kids are, check on the dog while you’re out, […]

Modern Dating: Finding Love in a High-Tech, Hook-Up World

Today’s mating game is being played by a whole new set of rules, and they’re complicated. In a recent phone interview, relationship expert Emily Morse, radio host of Sex with Emily and star of the new Bravo TV show Miss Advised, gave me the lowdown on how singles get together. Spoiled for Choice Online dating […]

Grandparents and Technology

“Out with the old and in with the new” shouldn’t be something we think of when talking about grandparents and technology.   For our grandparents, learning new technology late in life can be extremely daunting, but showing them how simple it is to learn not only benefits their lives, but is a great experience to […]

Blue Man Group Revs Up Its Technology

Blue Man Group has rebooted its 13-year-old show at Chicago’s Briar Street Theatre to include the latest fascination of the human species: technology. During a preview for reporters and special guests last week, the 3 men of Blue Man Group applied their unbridled curiosity to new gadgets on stage, breathing new life into the show. […]

2010 Holiday Gift & Entertainment Guide

We’re all searching this time of year: for the perfect holiday cookie recipe, the most gorgeous trimmings for our home, the ideal gift for everyone on our list.   And after all that is accomplished, we might even search for a little serenity. We’ll leave the serenity to you, but meanwhile, we’re helping by giving […]

Apple iPad: Delicious Details

Between the Smartphone and the Laptop Lies the iPad. Yesterday Steve Jobs announced a new category of portable computing: the Apple iPad based on software that powers Apple’s iPhone. Watch the Stevenote. Apple’s Official iPad Video The adjective, hyperbole, and superlative riddled Apple iPad video is now up for all the world to see. Watch […]

Avoid Technology Gift Giving Blunders

Getting a shiny, new technology toy can be the highlight of any holiday season. But there are lots of ways you, as the gift giver, can go wrong when it comes to picking the perfect technology treasure. E-book Readers One of the biggest technology gift giving blunders waiting to happen this year is the e-book. […]