Keeping Pets Healthy and Happy in the Summer

Summer time is the favorite season of most pets!


Here are a few tips to keep your animals happy and healthy through the warmest months:

Exposure to heat is a big consideration, especially for our heavy coated dog breeds.  Dogs cannot sweat like humans do and therefore can overheat quickly.  Never leave your dog in the car, even with the windows down, and make sure they have adequate shelter and water if they are outside for long periods.  Watch your dog for excessive panting or lethargy and keep exercise sessions short.

Swimming is great exercise for our dogs and an activity many enjoy.  Be sure that your dog is rinsed well with clean water after he or she swims and that they thoroughly dry.  Your vet may recommend cleaning your dog’s ears at regular intervals to help prevent summer ear infections.

Fireworks and thunderstorms can scare even the calmest of dogs and cats!  If your pet becomes anxious around these loud noises, talk with your vet about things you can do.  Medications are available that can help.

Dogs enjoy barbeques and backyard parties as much as the rest of the family!  Do make sure that your dog does not have access to anything that may harm him or her, including grills, BBQ tools or skewers, or foods that are high in fat or that contain bones.  This may require confining your pet if they cannot be observed closely.

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