5 Books to Read While You Wait for ‘Big Little Lies’ to Return

"Big Little Lies" — Season 2

Big Little Lies Season 2: Shailene Woodley, Zoë Kravitz, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern. photo: Jennifer Clasen/HBO


The small-screen adaptation of author Liane Moriarty’s “Big Little Lies“proved to be just as addictive as the best-selling book. While we are all doing our best to patiently wait for the June premiere of Season 2, check out a list of page-turners that will help curb your craving.

“Big Little Lies” devotees will appreciate the suspense as compelling characters face challenges in atmospheric yet relatable environments. Light on the procedural crime, the stories feature a perfect balance of drama and mystery to keep readers hooked. Intricate details and complex relationships push the plot forward and keep readers guessing until the very last page.

Someone We Know

Shari Lapena

"Someone We Know" by Shari Lapena

The arrival of a note disrupts the peaceful, quiet neighborhood in Rochester, New York. Written by a neighbor who chooses to remain anonymous, she apologizes for her son’s recent after-school activities. It seems he has been breaking into neighborhood homes to collect valuable information — secrets, scandals, and confessions about his neighbors. Fearing the worst, all traces of neighborly trust are quickly broken. When a neighbor is found murdered shortly after a secret is revealed, accusations ripple through the neighborhood, leaving everyone a potential suspect.

Watching You

Lisa Jewell

"Watching You" by Lisa Jewell

In the prestigious community of Melville Heights, the key to success is to keep up appearances and cover your windows from inquisitive neighbors. Knowledge is power in this exclusive community and everyone seems to be guarding a secret — that is not so secret after all. Newly married, Joey Mullen and her husband move in next door to the charming headmaster, Tom Fitzwilliam. Joey quickly develops a secret crush on Tom, but his son Freddie, an amateur sleuth, figures out her secret. Jenna and her mother live down the street and see past Tom’s carefree exterior. When a murder shocks the community, more secrets come to light as the story is told from the perspective of different characters.

The Perfect Mother

Aimee Molloy

"The Perfect Mother" by Aimee Molloy

With babies born during the same month, a group of new moms called The May Mothers rely on each other for support, friendship, and much needed advice while navigating life with a baby. Single mom Winnie reluctantly agrees to book a babysitter and join the group for a much-needed night out. During the evening, the unimaginable happens when the babysitter calls to say that Winnie’s son is missing. The suspense builds as more details are revealed and lives are changed forever in the frantic search. Soon to be on the screen with actress Kerry Washington taking the lead, this thrilling story will always be one step ahead.

Little Fires Everywhere

Celeste Ng

"Little Fires Everywhere" by Celeste Ng

Appearances can be deceiving and the families living in a picture-perfect suburb are no exception. When artist Mia Warren and her daughter, Pearl, move to Shaker Heights, it is easy to see how different they appear from other families. The Richardson family seems to thrive in the structured environment and fit the mold of an ideal family. After renting an apartment from the Richardson family, Mia and Pearl do their best to settle into their new surroundings. The families grow close, weaving into each other lives and walls are broken down as friendships grow. Pearl forms relationships with the Richardson teenagers and Mia becomes a confidante to the Richardson daughters. As secrets are shared, the truth behind the outward appearances is revealed, causing the families to face new challenges and struggle to view the world through each other’s eyes.

Half of What You Hear

Kristyn Kusek Lewis

"Half of What You Hear" by Kristyn Kusek Lewis

After a setback in her career at the White House, Bess and her husband decide on a fresh start for their family by moving to her husband’s small hometown in Virginia. While adjusting to the quiet pace, she is met with a frosty reception from the locals, including her husband’s former girlfriend, and a constant stream of gossip, mostly about her. Bess can’t help but feel like she doesn’t belong and jumps at the opportunity to write an article about Susannah Lane, a mysterious resident of the small town. Bess and Susannah fall into an easy friendship, bonding over the quirks of small-town living and the rumors spread about them both. As Susannah reveals more about her past, Bess begins to doubt her motives and realizes that some rumors, especially ones concerning murder, may be much more than gossip.  

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