7 Books That Will Inspire Your Junior Superhero in Training

Bam! Pow! Bang! From Batman to Wonder Woman, kids can delve into books featuring their favorite DC superheroes. They’ll engage in reading while learning about shapes and colors, right and wrong and even how to make a Superman Up, Up, and Away Yogurt Parfait. If it inspires your child to read, that’s a victory for the good guys.


family-book-superhero-my-first-dictionary1. DC Super Heroes: My First Dictionary
Michael Robin

Superhero terms, from A to Z, are paired with brief descriptions and classic art to get your burgeoning little action stars inspired to read. More than 500 words are included, using timeless superhero stories as a fun-filled backdrop. $14, Amazon or Barnes and Noble




family-book-superhero-the-ultimate-pop-up-book2. DC Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book
Matthew Reinhart

What could be more fun than seeing Batman, Green Lantern or Supergirl pop up and out of a vibrant book inspired by comic books? Heroes and villains make waves in this brilliantly illustrated hardback, with more than 25 pop-ups, putting your favorite DC characters right in your lap. $24, Barnes & Noble




family-book-superhero-busy-bodies3. DC Super Heroes: Busy Bodies
David Bar Katz

Little ones will learn about their bodies, actions and outfits in this colorful board book, using beloved DC characters and art. From head to toe, masks to hats, swimming to X-ray vision—it’s all detailed here. $8, Amazon or Barnes and Noble


family-book-superhero-my-first-book-of-girl-power4. DC: My First Book of Girl Power
Julie Merberg

Girls are the stars of this show—this book is all about showcasing the strengths of women: beauty, brawn and brains. Little explorers will be fired-up, learning about how these super champions conquer obstacles with helpfulness, strength, smarts and bravery. $7-10, Amazon or Barnes and Noble


family-book-superhero-my-first-wonder-woman-book5. My First Wonder Woman Book
David Bar Katz

Learn how Wonder Woman uses her powers—and her cool invisible airplane—for good in this best-selling book. Lift flaps, feel Wonder Woman’s lasso and see your very own face under her signature black hair and gold crown in this interactive touch-and-feel board book. $10, Barnes and Noble


family-book-superhero-official-dc-superhero-cookbook6. The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook
Matthew Mead

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions are highlighted in this colorful cookbook, catering to chefs of all ages. The best part: a star rating is included on each recipe to let you know the level of difficulty. Imaginative foodstuffs like the Green Lantern Corps Recharge Breakfast, the Plastic Man Cheesy Breakfast Toasties, Wonder Woman Crudité and the Justice League Krispies will keep everyone entertained and full. $13, Amazon or Barnes and Noble


family-book-superhero-my-first-book-of-super-villains7. DC: My First Book of Super Villains
David Bar Katz

This book illustrates the dichotomy of right and wrong, good and bad. From being a selfish villain to a sharing superhero, kids can read about making upright choices and learning from misguided mistakes from the characters we love and the ones we love to hate. $9, Amazon or Barnes and Noble


Don’t forget to check out these books for yourself:

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