5 Bewitching Novels with a Hint of Magic to Read This October

From the crisp air and colorful falling leaves to fun-filled visits to fragrant orchards and pumpkin patches, it’s easy to see why so many people are charmed by the fall season. Here are five whimsical novels to help you see the magic in everyday life.

The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs

Katherine Howe

The Daughter of Temperance Hobbs Katherine Howe

Curses, witchcraft, and supernatural acts are all in a days work for Connie Goodwin. As a young professor living in Boston, she has focused her studies on the history of magic, specifically on the treatment of women in colonial New England. With a relative involved in the Salem Witch Trials, Connie feels compelled to unearth the real stories. In her search for the truth, she discovers much more than her history books have let on and is quickly caught up in a race against time to protect her family. Through alternating timelines, fans of the author’s first novel, “The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane,” will enjoy this detailed and atmospheric follow-up. Published June 25, 2019, Henry Holt and Co.

The World That We Knew

Alice Hoffman

The World That We Know Alice Hoffman

Under Nazi rule, Berlin in the 1940s is a dangerous place for Jews. Determined to keep her daughter Lea safe, Hanni connects with Ettie, a daughter of a rabbi, and together they create a “golem” creature. A magical being named Ava, it will travel with Lea and protect her from harm. During her travels, Lea’s magical companion influences the lives of several different people. Focusing on the strength of individuals during unimaginable circumstances, Hoffman seamlessly weaves together the connection between family and the magical power of unconditional love. Published Sept. 24, 2019, Simon & Schuster

The Ten Thousand Doors of January

Alix E. Harrow

Ten Thousand Doors of January Alex E Harrow

Unique objects and treasures line the endless hallways of Mr. Locke’s estate and January Scaller can’t help but feel she is among the countless trinkets. With her parents inexplicably absent, January lives with their employer, Mr. Locke, and spends her days wandering his mansion. When January discovers an unusual book, she realizes her power to quite literally open doors to other worlds. Accompanied by a diverse group of characters, January sets out to discover the world around her, learning secrets and experiencing pain and the realities of life along the way. Published Sept. 10, 2019, Redhook

The Starless Sea

Erin Morgenstern

The Starless Sea Erin Morgenstern

The author of acclaimed novel “The Night Circus” returns with an exciting and atmospheric story about alternate worlds, set in times and places that are just beyond our reach. Graduate student Zachary discovers a book folded into the shelves while browsing the library stacks. Compelled to open the book, he reads through the pages and discovers a story that details his own childhood memory. Reeling from such an unusual discovery, Zachary discovers clues that lead him to an archive, revealing the existence of long-forgotten worlds, alternate times, and ancient cultures. In gaining access to the hidden archive, Zachary sets out to protect what others cannot see and comes to understand the immediate need to understand and accept worlds that are different from our own. Emotional, original and magical, readers will be swept up in the vivid details. Published Nov. 5, 2019, Doubleday

Metropolitan Stories

Christine Coulson

Metropolitan Stories Novel Christine Coulsen

Whether you race through museums or carefully look at every display, we can all agree to being curious about what goes on after close. It is hard not to image the paintings leaping from their frames or sculptures stretching their arms and legs. Playing on this curiosity, author Christine Coulson uses her 25 years of experience working at The Metropolitan Museum of Art to craft short stories based on the inner working of the Met. From lost interns to talking antiques to last-minute requests for a muse, the outrageous stories showcase the dedication and expertise that goes into creating and maintaining the acclaimed museum. Published Oct. 8, 2019, Other Press

Meghan Odegard is a librarian living in Wisconsin. She proudly supports Barn Sanctuary, a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and caring for farm animals in need.





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