Jane Seymour Talks about “Among Angels”

Angels were on my mind when I attended Jane Seymour’s book signing event at Barnes & Noble Oakbrook Center on December 5th.

I had just returned home from my brother’s funeral.

Over 200 people were lined up to greet Jane Seymour and to purchase an autographed copy of her latest book, “Among Angels” (Guideposts, 2010).  This lovely gift book features Jane’s beautiful paintings with inspiring quotes and stories about ministering angels and even everyday “angels” we encounter through our friends, family and strangers.

Jane Seymour radiates authenticity and genuinely connects with her fans and readers.  She gave me a hug from her heart when she learned about the death of my brother.  The mantra of Jane’s life is reflected in two simple words:  Open Hearts.  Her late mother, who was imprisoned in a concentration camp in Indonesia during World War II, would always tell Jane, “If your heart is open, love will always find its way in.”

That simple reminder to live life with open hearts has been a driving force in all that Jane does, including the recent announcement of  the Open Hearts Foundation, whose mission will be to celebrate both individuals and organizations around the world that are using their Open Hearts to better the lives of others.

Readers will be inspired by Jane’s beautiful paintings that illuminate the pages of “Among Angels.”  This innate artistic talent was only discovered when she was 40 and almost bankrupt.  Donating what little money she had left to bid on something at a charity event to support abused children, Jane won free art lessons with an acclaimed artist who encouraged her to paint.  Three of her works have been displayed at The Guggenheim!

Jane has a unique gift to transform an empty canvas with the fullness of life, reflecting the intangible in the tangible, the inexplicable in the explicable, and complexity in its utmost simplicity. Proceeds from her paintings benefit various charities.

And of course Jane’s heart overflows with love for her family.  And as a proud mother, she promoted her teenage son’s band PT5 which stands for Plead the Fifth and even features her son’s music on her website. The band has a great sound!

One of my favorite passages in Jane’s latest book is on page 91 in her book: “Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering to fly.”  This book makes a delightful hostess and holiday gift.  And according to Cheryl Westberg, community relations manager at Barnes & Noble, a few remaining signed copies are available for purchase.

For a chance to win an autographed copy of Jane Seymour’s book, Among Angels, visit Margaret McSweeney’s blog and leave a comment about who the angels are in your life.

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