Insider’s Guide To Blackhawks and Bulls

Before the bats start swinging, we’re enjoying the “cozy confines” of our indoor winter sports.

The Bulls and Blackhawks are two of the hottest games in town and we’ve got the insider tips for your next jaunt to the United Center.

Chicago Blackhawks
Insider: Jay Blunk, Executive Vice President of Business Operations

1. Come Early
“The pregame presentation, with lights out, the spectacular show honoring our current and retired servicemen, leading into the national anthem, the depth and meaning that the anthem actually has…and then the blowing of the goal horn… If you’ve never been here—Wow!”

2. Sit Anywhere
“In hockey, the higher you go, the better your seat is. Truly, every seat is a good seat for hockey in the U.C.”

3. Appreciate These Athletes—They’re Champions
“We are a likeable, fast, young hockey team that loves to put on a show for the fans. Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are arguably two of the most popular people in the City of Chicago right now. There really is a genuine community connection to these kids on our team. There’s almost a collegiate feel to it.”

Chicago Bulls
Insider: Steve Schanwald, Executive Vice President, Business Operations

1. First, Focus on the Game
“Our long-time fans tend to agree that the best thing about attending Bulls games is watching fast-paced NBA action featuring the world’s greatest athletes.”

2. Know There’s Something for Everyone
“The concourse and in-game entertainment includes bands, magicians, face painters, interactive games…and during the game there’s Benny the Bull, the Luvabulls, Incredibulls (dunk team), the Bucket Boys, fan contests, scoreboard features, an amazing halftime show and more.”

3. Come to Eat
“There are many dining areas and menu options featured at restaurants like the Budweiser Brew Pub, Stadium Club and Ketel One Club, along with the specialty concession stands located on the concourse corners. Also, Bar One, which features and upscale menu and an exclusive atmosphere, is a hidden gem in the building.”

Photo courtesy of Flickr’s Creative Commons and Zol87

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