From Blockbuster Movies to Lollapalooza: How Chicago Philharmonic Is Breaking Genre Barriers and Changing the Game for Orchestras

The Chicago Philharmonic, now celebrating its 35th season, is asking a very important question: How do we make orchestra concerts for everyone? The orchestra, founded in 1989 by principal musicians of the Lyric Opera Orchestra, has long occupied a unique space within the city’s performing arts ecosystem.  The organization eschews the traditional audition/tenure system for […]

31 Best Things to Do in Chicago and the Suburbs This March 2024

Whether you’re celebrating Women’s History Month; the traditions of St. Patrick’s Day; or merely the resurgence of spring, Chicagoland is blossoming with events and celebrations of community, food, art and more — for everyone. For those who patiently waited for winter to pass, the time has come to explore the city once again. Read on for our […]

31 Best Things to Do in Chicago and the Suburbs in August 2023

Those sweet summer days we’ve waited for all year long are flying by. In the spirit of squeezing all we can from Chicago’s most spectacular season, we’ve compiled the best things to do in Chicago and the suburbs this August. Don’t forget to tag us in your posts on Instagram @betterchicago All Month No Man’s […]

Cartoonist and Author Jeffrey Brown’s Bestselling Books Put a Playful Spin on Star Wars and Marvel Characters and Family Dynamics

What would bedtime look like in Darth Vader’s household? What if Lord Vader had to oversee teeth brushing and read bedtime stories to Luke and Leia as toddlers, or teach Luke how to play soccer and manage Princess Leia’s teenage mood swings?  New York Times bestselling cartoonist and author Jeffrey Brown takes a comic-al look […]

‘GameChangers’ Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion With Players from the ’65 and ’66 New Trier and Marshall Teams to Be Held at New Trier March 12

This Sunday, New Trier High School will host a special screening of “GameChangers,” the 2018 sports documentary that looks back at the 1965 and 1966 Marshall and New Trier basketball teams, who faced off in back-to-back years at the Evanston SuperSectional. The film examines the 1960s rivalry between Marshall and New Trier, positioned “at the […]