5 Must-Read Celebrity Gossip Blogs

We scoured the web for celebrity news and commentary that’s snarky, salacious, and sure to make you laugh.

So if you cancelled your subscription to Us Weekly but still need talking points for your gab fest, check out these sites.

What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Named after Brad Pitt’s character in “Fight Club,” this blog provides commentary on celebrity photos (often revealing ones), rumors and criticism—in the voice of your most hilariously mean imaginary friend. Be forewarned: There’s plenty of swearing, and we wouldn’t recommend reading this blog at work.

Here’s the blog on Gwyneth Paltrow, in the post “People Don’t Like Gwyneth Paltrow Because They Are Lazy and Jealous”:

“If you’re not a millionaire like she is, it’s because you’re lazy. With a little effort they could have had parents who are Hollywood royalty and their godfather Steven Spielberg would have given them their first role. When Gwyeth Paltrow started acting, she had nothing but 10 million dollars, connections, and a dream. It really is an inspiring story.”

D Listed

If you like celebrity commentary that’s over-the-top and often incredibly dirty, and you don’t mind the S-word being applied to women (and men!), click on over to D Listed.

Here’s the blog on Nancy Grace’s recent peek-a-boo nipple-showing on “Dancing with the Stars”:

“By now you’ve probably already pulled out your eyeballs with rusty pliers, marinated them in a pot full of boiling chloroform and shoved them back into your sockets just so you can send a roll of duct tape to the Dancing with the Stars Costume Department.”

The Superficial

This blog is similar to What Would Tyler Durden Do?, with great photos and tons of snarky commentary.

On Kate Gosselin’s trouble finding a job:

“This may come as a shock, but the TV offers haven’t rolled in at all for Kate Gosselin which is weird considering America’s shortage of shrill, white Christian women who will never admit they’re wrong. She’s practically an endangered species.”

Go Fug Yourself

If you love Us Weekly’s Fashion Police, head to Go Fug Yourself—“because fugly is the new pretty”—for your daily dose of celebrity fashion gaffes.

Here’s the blog on Leelee Sobieski’s crazy-print dress:

“It just cracks me up that she’s walking about with a fish bowl silk-screened across her junk—like there are goldfish happily swimming around inside her pelvis. Wouldn’t that feel terribly sloshy?”

And last, but certainly not least …

Perez Hilton

We certainly hope you’ve already heard of Perez (real name: Mario Lavandeira), the Internet’s most notorious Hollywood gossip columnist whose site garners more than 300 million hits a month. This site is a bit tamer than some of the other blogs listed here, featuring timely celebrity news, lots of exclamation points and funny white-marker captions, all from a sassy, good-natured gay man.

On a photo of Ryan Gosling and George Clooney promoting “The Ides of March”:

“Strong. Silent. Sexy. The End.”

Just can’t get enough celebrity juice? Check out Mashable’s Top 30 Salacious Sites for Celebrity Gossip.

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