Quick and Easy: The Film Every Teenager Should See

bullying1Bullying is a huge problem in America’s schools.

It is estimated that more than 13 million kids are bullied each year, undermining their social confidence and emotional development.

The film “Bully“, a documentary created in collaboration with The Bully Project, focuses on the affect that bullying has had on five families. It also takes a critical look at the way that schools and communities have responded to bullying. Filmed during the 2009/2010 school year, “Bully” gives us a window into the difficult journeys that bullied children face.

The film opens in select theatres on March 30th. However, much of the target audience will not be able to see it without a parent because the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has given it an R-rating. It was given this rating because of a few instances of cursing, which the filmmakers have decided not to cut since they help illustrate the violence associated with bullying.

Several groups have come out to protest the film’s rating because it will prevent most teenagers from seeing it without their parents and probably stop it from being shown in schools. Human Rights Campaign has launched a petition to get the rating changed to PG-13. Their goal is to send 100,000 signatures to MPAA, so far they have sent 25,935. Katy Butler, a high school student from Michigan who has been bullied, has also created a petition, which has 244,026 signatures. Consider adding your signature to these petitions and help make “Bully” accessible to all everyone.

Human Rights Campaign’s petition

Katy Butler’s petition

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