Celebrating Women on the Rise: 13 Expert Tips from Women Leaders

On June 11, 2020, we hosted a webinar to celebrate women in business. This 80-minute webinar included Cheryl Berman, Chief Creative and CEO of unbundled Creative, Julie Castro Abrams, CEO of How Women Lead and GP of How Women Investour Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Susan Noyes, Media Director Leah Bronson, and Editor-in-Chief Mimi Towle.

A blessing in disguise, this digital pivot allowed us to connect with a community of attendants from across the country, even around the world. Our renowned guest panelists Cheryl Berman and Julie Castro Abrams also shared their advice for women in, or pursuing, leadership positions — outlined below.

13 Tips from Women Leaders:

Cheryl Berman, Chief Creative and CEO of unbundled Creative

Tip #1 Act immediately. Put a new book together, make the call, show up on someone’s doorstep…do whatever you can to take immediate action.

Tip #2  Hang out and surround yourself with the smartest, most successful and creative people you can find.

Tip #3 Be a sponge. Soak up as much knowledge about your field of interest from wherever you can find it.

Tip #4 Never just complain to your boss about a problem, bring them the solution and give them every possible reason to buy it.

Tip# 5 (most important tip): Find your passion. Something you love doing. Immerse yourself in it, wallow in it, whatever it is, go for it in a big way. Find that passion inside you… then persist, push and never take no for an answer.

Julie Castro Abrams, CEO of How Women Lead and GP of How Women Invest

Tip #1 Stretch opportunities. 

Tip #2 Position yourself to be a Director.

Tip #3 Establish your brand clearly and ensure it aligns with your actions.

Tip #4 Be visible and have an impact as a community leader.

Tip #5 Focus on your networks; beyond transactions.

Tip #6 Don’t wait for permission.

Tip #7 Ask for a seat.

Tip #8 Seeking happiness? Women are happier when we do things together and make an impact!

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