Watch: CBS Chicago Puts Spotlight on Skin of Steel, the Philanthropy Award Winner Fighting to Cure Melanoma

For more than a decade, Skin of Steel has been a driving force behind melanoma research and awareness. Founded by the late Susan Steel — a warrior of melanoma who said the search for the cure affects “humankind” at large — the organization devoutly faces the fastest-growing cancer in the world — one that takes a life every 54 minutes, according to CBS Chicago.

On Sept. 2, CBS Chicago featured Skin of Steel in a segment with Suzanne Le Mignot. The coverage also featured Dr. Jeffrey D. Wayne of Northwestern Medicine, the lead investigator for one of the U.S. branches of the Melanoma Tissue Bank Consortium. Wayne noted that the work Skin of Steel does at home and its impacts abroad are “crucial” for not only melanoma but “all cancers.”

The Make It Better Foundation, too, recognized that Skin of Steel was an important contributor to the field’s medical and philanthropic pursuits. The foundation named the organization the 2014 recipients of Most Improved Fundraising and a Make It Better Foundation Philanthropy Award.

For more information about their mission or to donate to their cause, visit the Skin of Steel website.

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