A Spooky Story for Everyone

October isn’t just for playing in the fallen leaves—it’s for cuddling up together on the sofa with a scary read.


books-spooky-reads-The-Wolves-in-the-WallsFor kids…

The Wolves in the Walls
Neil Gaiman

Lucy hears wolves in the walls. Her brother thinks she’s bats. Her dad just plays the tuba. It’s a wonderful, suspenseful tale from the magic mind of Neil Gaiman.


books-spooky-reads-On-a-Pale-HorseFor teens…

On a Pale Horse
Piers Anthony

The first in the Incarnations of Immortality series, Anthony’s books skew more sci-fi than scary. Nonetheless, assuming the mantel of Death himself and taking on Satan isn’t for the faint of heart.


books-spooky-reads-The-Night-StrangersLike a twisted ending?

The Night Strangers
Chris Bohjalian

When a pilot of a downed plane starts hearing the voices of some of the passengers he’s killed, and the neighbors never seem to age, you know you’re in for a wild ride. But the ending! The ending!


books-spooky-reads-CarrieThink the book is always better?

Stephen King

The books are better. Religious fanaticism and the paranormal come to play when poor Carrie White tries to navigate the high school scene. Lesson: It never pays to be the mean girl.


books-spooky-reads-Ghost-StoryAn old-school classic…

Ghost Story
Peter Straub

Straub doesn’t get enough love for his ability to tell a truly spooky tale. This one—the tale of four men that cover up a death, only to be haunted years later—is widely considered a classic.


books-spooky-reads-Deeply-OddFor fans of series…

Deeply Odd
Dean Koontz

Koontz’s wildly popular Odd Thomas series includes this story about a man with an unearthly connection to the spirit world. It’s Odd Thomas’ mission to save the lives of three unjustly accused, if he can just prove their innocence in time.


books-spooky-reads-NOS4A2Because everyone else is reading it…

Joe Hill

On everyone’s best-seller list last year, and for good reason—Hill crafts a twisted tale of two people, Victoria McQueen and Charles Talent Manx. Having crossed paths once, McQueen just wants to forget. Too bad Manx isn’t going to let that happen.


books-spooky-reads-Kill-My-MotherFor fans of film noir…

Kill My Mother
Jules Feiffer

Yes, THAT Feiffer. If you’re a fan of his work, maybe you’ll appreciate the author’s take on a graphic novel, the story of a hard-edged P.I. and the women that surround him.


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