Everyday Sounds Captured in Marsha Engle’s 100 Sounds to See

It is easy to overlook the simple sounds we encounter on an everyday basis.

Take for example, the sound of coffee brewing in the pot. On most mornings, we aren’t functioning until we’ve got our trusty cup of Joe in hand, so it’s doubtful we see the beauty in such a standard part of our daily routine.

Marsha Engle, on the other hand, has managed to capture the sounds of an ordinary day with stunning pictures by William J. Huber serving as reminders. Engle has been hearing impaired since childhood and is now legally deaf. The book was originally meant as a keepsake for herself to spark her memory of sounds she can no longer hear.

Lucky for us, the book can now be enjoyed by all, and certainly serves as a reminder to take an extra minute to appreciate the sounds some still long to hear. So when you wake up tomorrow, skip the snooze button and really listen to the sound of your coffee pot perking.