New Library Efficient in Design and Technology

The Glenview Public Library opened to the public following a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Oct. 9.

Located at 1930 Glenview Rd., the eco-friendly library is an 85,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility that replaces the former 50,908 square foot building.

“Along with the strength of its diverse collections and well-developed resources, the new library serves as a cultural center for Glenview residents,” says Vickie L. Novak, the library’s director. “In addition to offering significant opportunity for contemplation and quiet study, programs for patrons of all ages provide opportunities for cultural enrichment. This is made possible by the increased number of flexible-use rooms for community gatherings.”

Demand for library services is increasing, with attendance up 2.7 percent in 2009. New card registrations increased 56 percent, while program attendance increased 13.84 percent last year.

“Glenview residents checked out more than three-quarters of a million items in 2009,” Novak said. “The new library meets patron’s informational needs and expands its level of programming in a comfortable, efficient environment.”

Enhanced technology is a highlight of its services, with an 80-percent increase in availability of public access computers. A well-equipped technology lab provides the ideal teaching environment for growing knowledge of personal computing, from learning about new software to selling on e-Bay.

Patrons can enjoy their new library knowing the facility is as eco-friendly as it is efficient. Recycled and regionally-sourced materials are used throughout the construction, including bamboo flooring and carpeting. Steel, roof shingles, metal siding panels and tiles are also made from recycled products, and some steel book shelving is reused from the former library. State-of-the-art wall insulating technologies employed throughout the building reduce cooling demands, heat loss and water infiltration, resulting in better air quality and reduced energy expense. In fact, the new building is designed to use 43.8 percent less energy than an equivalent building, which meets minimal code requirements.

Enhanced temperature control systems and energy recovery units provide for better comfort at reduced cost. Sunlight, for example, is harvested from 93 windows through built-in control systems designed to dim lights in the presence of adequate daylight. This provides natural lighting to 90 percent of interior spaces. Additional eco-friendly initiatives include gearless elevators, storm water solutions and upsized sanitary technologies.

Outside, more than 88,000 Sioux City, Iowa red clay bricks were used in the building’s construction. The clay, which includes iron-rich granules that add occasional blue speckle to its overall color, was excavated from the earth, fired in an Iowa kiln and trucked to Glenview.

Vegetative roofs featuring Midwest-hearty plants, including sedum and native grasses, encompass 80 percent of the new structure. Green roofs have numerous environmental and cost-saving benefits, including reduced stormwater runoff, increased life-expectancy, enhanced sound absorption and increased habitat for birds and butterflies.

Additionally, the library’s location in downtown Glenview sponsors urban density by supporting growth within existing pedestrian and transit networks. To access the library, the public may enter through the east side at Harlem Avenue. The west entrance, which will be accessible from a new parking lot, will be available for use when the lot’s construction is complete next spring. ADA-compliant, the lot will provide space for 171 vehicles and 24 bicycles.

For information about the new Glenview Public Library, including its programs and services as well as details about tours and special events, please visit or call 847-729-7500.