Our Favorite North Shore Bookstores

Even in the age of Kindles and iPads, we still love our independent bookstores.

Nothing beats browsing where the staff knows their books and can help you find your next page-turner.

Here’s where we go book shopping and the nearest coffee shop to settle in for a latte and a good read. Heaven.

The Book Bin

What we Love: It has a great reading area for kids complete with puzzles and an electric train, which buys a mom many minutes of browsing time.
Read and Sip: Starbucks, 1931 Cherry Lane
Just across the street is a Starbucks, so you probably know what you like, but if you want something new, try the whole leaf Tazo teas. Delicious and actually, very good for you.

The Book Market

What we Love: Knowledgeable staff (recommended The Reliable Wife, when I was looking for something interesting) and also comfy chairs.
Read and Sip: Via Gelato, 1853 Tower Dr.
A copy of “Freedom,” coffee and a hazelnut gelato? We may never leave.

Books on Vernon

What we Love: Tiny, well-edited selection with lots of books about theater.
Read and Sip: Glencoe Roast Coffee, corner of Park and Vernon
Cappuccinos with those fancy swirls in the foam and a zucchini/carrot muffin are our favorite combo.

The Book Stall

What we Love: Everything! Chances are if you’re interested in a book, they’ve met the author, can recommend 10 other books you’d also like and have a signed copy. Also, if you have a picky reader or a child who has read everything, their YA staff is unmatched.
Read and Sip: Caribou Coffee, 819 Elm St.
Very Berry Oatmeal and a Reindeer Drink, for you non-coffee drinkers (steamed milk infused with raspberry or caramel).

Lake Forest Book Store

Lake Forest

What we Love: A center for the community, this bookstore has a strong children’s section and a nicely edited table of trade paperback books. Check out their recommendations for book clubs and their evening book reviews.
Read and Sip: Lake Forest Food and Wine, 672 N. Western 847-234-0620
Right next door, they have coffee in the morning and you can sit and read while the commuters run in and out, but if you go a little later, you can try one of the delicious lunch sandwiches.