The Girlfriends’ Guide to Book Club: 8 Picks for 2015

Ladies, the first book club session of the year is about to be called to order. Are you ready with your book choices? Here are several great options—some currently on the shelves, others coming later this spring—that are sure to generate a lot of conversation.

books-the-boston-girlThe Boston Girl
Anita Diamant

Brand new in stores, the author of “The Red Tent” offers up a book destined for book clubs. The story centers on Addie Baum, a young Jewish resident of Boston tenements coming of age as feminism begins to take hold.


books-the-kingThe King
Tiffany Reisz

Before you set the date for your GNO field trip to see “Fifty Shades of Grey,” set the tone with an erotic pick: this novel by the author of “The Original Sinners” series follows Kingsley Edge as he tries to fulfill his fantasies opening the next “it” BDSM club in New York City.


Emily Gould

Published last summer, writer and blogger Gould dares to ask the question many adult girlfriends face: What happens when you think a friendship has run its course? Can Bev and Amy find their mojo when they need each other the most?


books-the-art-of-askingThe Art of Asking
Amanda Palmer

Otherwise known as writer Neil Gaiman’s better half, Palmer has made a name for herself in performance art and as a musician. Now, she tackles a topic most women—especially us multi-tasking types—have trouble with: asking for help.


David Nicholls

Connie Peterson thinks she may want to end her marriage, which is news to her husband, Douglas. Can an already-planned family trip save the union? The author of the best-selling “One Day” takes readers on an honest, emotional journey.


books-all-the-light-we-cannot-seeAll The Light We Cannot See
Anthony Doerr

On just about every “Best of 2014” list, this bestseller traces two young lives in war torn France and Germany. Save this piece of sweeping historical fiction for summer, when the paperback version is due. (June 2015)


books-better-than-beforeBetter Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives
Gretchen Rubin

Coming this spring, the author of “The Happiness Project” has another round of advice designed to improve our dayto- day existence. I picture a split-down-the-middle meeting in which half your book club sings Rubin’s praises while the other half snarks. Read it to see which side you’re on.


books-vanishing-girlsVanishing Girls
Lauren Oliver

A great option for your mother-daughter meeting, popular YA author Oliver has a new book out this spring—two onceclose sisters now on the rocks. When one disappears, the other springs into action. Is it enough?