5 Spring Break Packing Tips for Fashionistas

Spring break is coming, and so starts the joy of packing.

Since 1920, Kaehler has been helping travelers pack for their trips, and we know that it’s never easy to look good and pack smart. After all, it’s not just about how to pack, but also what to pack. So sit back and soak in a few travel tips that might surprise even the savviest packer.

What to pack?

1. The Versatile Scarf

A scarf can be a secret weapon in trying to extend your outfit’s wearability. Wearing a scarf is not only convenient for when you’re chilly; it also allows you to re-wear an outfit and still have a completely different look, which is essential when packing light. Kaehler recommends Alashan’s Cashmere Draped Dress Topper. This wonderful layering piece also functions as a scarf and will keep you warm with its luxe, packable cashmere material.

2. Materials Matter

Go with fabrics that are easily packable, and don’t take up too much space. Brands like Beluva or Veeca provide textured shirts with material that won’t be affected by traveling in your tightly packed carry-on. Their products’ chicly scrunched fabrics and often-reversible patterns will allow you to pack more punch. Also be on the lookout for material-conscious Ecru, known for their machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant formal pants.

3. Transition Pieces

Traveling from a warm to cold climate? A light down coat like Patagonia’s Down Sweater can be a great transition piece that you can wear in both climates, or to ward off a chill on the plane. You’ll get more use out of it than you think, and the down material compacts nicely for packing. Throw it on while enjoying a casual dinner under the stars or on an evening stroll.

4. Be Weather Prepared

We are all overly optimistic when it comes to travel weather, tending to skimp on packing that extra layer. But there’s nothing worse than being unprepared for a rainstorm. Go ahead and pack a light raincoat that will allow you to be outside and active no matter the weather. Outdoor specialists like Patagonia or the fashionably inclined Helly Hansen will have you covered with light nylon and polyester jackets that pack well and keep you dry.

5. Think Before you Check

This is Kaehler’s packing motto. Never check your most treasured jewelry or your prescriptions. If it’s essential or irreplaceable keep it with you when traveling.

In need of more dish on travel tips? Stop by and say hi to Christie and Kaitlin at Kaehler Luggage, 553 Chestnut St. in Winnetka (847-501-3990). These packing pros will have plenty more to say as they help you look over our suggestions and tons of other great products to fulfill your travel needs!